Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Road Trip | Beloit, WI

Family on Road Trip | Beloit, WI

Road trips can be a blast for the whole family — but it can be a challenge to find healthy eating options when you’re on the road. Here’s a look at some of our favorite healthy snacks to fuel your road trip.

Cheese and crackers

If you have little ones along for the ride, it’s a sure bet that they’ll enjoy cheese and crackers. For a high-fiber option, consider packing whole-grain or seedy crackers, which pack a bigger nutritional punch.

Beef jerky

Don’t want to worry about refrigeration? Nutritionists suggest bringing some jerky along for your journey. It’s a high-protein, low-calorie snack that can keep you full on the road. If you want the healthiest options, read labels to find brands that have less sodium and fewer preservatives than mainstream options.

Hummus and veggies

This vegan- and vegetarian-friendly option offers plenty of plant protein, fiber, and good fats to help you stave off cravings. Simply pick up a container of your favorite hummus and pair it with a bag of baby carrots, chopped cucumbers, or even apple slices.

Before you hit the road, make sure that your car is healthy, too — bring it in for a checkup at Bud Weiser Motors in Beloit, Wisconsin.