Project X Car Electrifies the Future of Chevrolet Performance

Chevrolet Project X | Beloit, WI

Chevrolet’s famous Project X car began its life as a regular Chevy sedan in 1957. Over the decades that followed, Project X excelled as a test vehicle for a series of advanced powertrains. Now, Project X is entering the EV era, showing off a powerful new electric motor that could play a key role in next-gen Chevrolet Performance vehicles.  

Chevrolet Performance, MotorTrend, and Cagnazzi Racing collaborated on this latest Project X overhaul, swapping out a supercharged gas engine for an EV system — while retaining the car’s classic exterior looks.

The Project X electric motor generates an estimated 340 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. It gets its power from a modular 400-volt battery, which is designed with pack capacity that can be scaled to customize range, cost, weight, and other factors.

Project X also received new components like an electric brake booster, an electrohydraulic power steering pump, and modified springs to handle a shift in weight distribution.

“Project X has always served the car community by pushing the envelope with groundbreaking technologies,” said Douglas Glad, group content director for MotorTrend Group. “As the auto industry shifts rapidly toward electric vehicles, this Project X Build is just the latest in its celebrated legacy of adapting hot rodding to the powerful technology of tomorrow.”

In addition to Project X, Chevrolet is pushing the envelope with innovative EV models like the Bolt EUV and the upcoming All-Electric Silverado truck. To learn more about these models and Chevy’s exciting electric future, contact our team here at Bud Weiser Motors in Beloit, Wisconsin.